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Your personal ethics and your work ethics are right on. Keep up the good work. ~ Clois (Temecula, CA)

I just saw a segment about you and Pencil Bugs on The Young Icons and wanted to let you know you inspired me to move forward with a few creative ideas I have had for a long time. Congratulations for being such an inspiration and great role model.  ~ Rosanna (San Diego, CA)

I just saw the show Young Icons about your Pencil Bugs! That is so cool. You are sure to be successful in anything you do! Keep up the good work!  ~ Colleen (Boyertown, PA)

I wanted to tell you how much my son appreciated the teddy bear you donated to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. He is 7 and was admitted first to the ER, then to the hospital for a week earlier this month. All is well now with his health, but I don't know what we would have done without the teddy bear. He brought it with him to every test (MRI, CT scan, etc.) and it truly made all those tests (dare I say it ) - "bearable" for him.Your kindness is very much appreciated.  Thanks again! 
~ Jennifer WG (San Diego, CA)

Homework is "funner" with a Pencil Bug.  ~ Kailan (Chattanooga, TN)

It was sooooooo awesome [when you came to our class].  Me and my friends play with ours [Pencil Bugs] all the time. Mine is Betty Blue.  ~ Rachel (Temecula, CA)

I am a teacher.  My class is a Special Day Class.   Hopefully, you and your achievements will be an encouragement to them. ~ Debbie (El Cajon, CA)

Pencil Bugs are soooooooooooooooooo awesome!  ~Joe (unknown)

Forbes and Nightline, wow!  Congratulations, Jason . . . keep up the great work! 
~ Amber (Forest Lake, MN)

What a great idea to make Christmas Pencil Bugs!  My kids loved finding them in their stockings on Christmas morning.   ~ Martha (Chicago, IL)

Thank you so much.  The Pencil Bugs are a big hit with my daycare.  Thanks again.  Your bugs rock. ~ Natalie (Hyrum, UT)

These are awesome!  Spread the word about these, or at least try to.   I will definitely buy these again. ~ Samantha (Apple Valley, MN)

I am sure you are going to grow to be a great businessman, and make a great deal of money!
~ Bev (Menifee, CA)

Thank you so much.  The Pencil Bugs are a big hit with my daycare.  Thanks again.  Your bugs rock. ~ Natalie (Hyrum, UT)

I made a daycare on my desk so I could take care of many Pencil Bugs besides my own.
~ Name withheld (2nd grade student - Temecula, CA)

Pencil Bugs.  They're headed for our sister company in Cairo, Egypt.  I thought they'd make a great employee perk!  ~ Joan (San Diego, CA)

Pencil Bugs ae the cutest things ever!  ~ Debi (Laughlintown, PA)

I'm a teacher and pencils seem to always disappear from my desk.  With these cute Pencil Bugs on them, I can spot them anywhere in the room.  Keep up the good work.  ~ Bonnie (Fargo, ND)

I bought them for my students. Now they're working really hard to earn a Pencil Bug.
~ Kathy (Killeen, TX)