Pockets (Jan/Feb 2011)

Honor Student Magazine (December 2010) -My article-

Inventor's Digest Magazine - Book Review (Nov 2010)

The Californian (September 2010)

Temecula Valley News (September 2010)

Press Enterprise (September 2010)

Scholastic News (April 2010) 

MyMidwest Inflight Magazine (January 2010)  -PDF format-

The Californian (December 2009)

Spirit Magazine-Southwest Airlines (September 2009)   -PDF format-

Inland Empire Family Magazine (June 2009)

The Sacramento Bee (May 2009)

The Business Press (May 2009)

Inventor's Digest Magazine (February 2009)   -PDF format-

Oceanside Magazine (June 2008)

San Diego Union Tribune (February 2008)

PBS BizKid$ News (January 2008)

All Terrain Brain (December 2007)

Inland Empire Family Magazine (July 2007)

The Calfornian (February 2007)

Temecula Valley News (September 2006)

North County Times (September 2006)

The Californian (August 2006)

Press Enterprise (June 2006)

Temecula Valley News (April 2006)


Live Life & Win - FOX  (September 2011)

Holiday of Miracles RadioThon (December 2010)

The Young Icons - Premiere Episode (September 18, 2010)

Paying It Forward Net Radio (August 18, 2010)

PBS BizKid$ - Episode #301 (Fall 2010)
[Check your local listings]

WMNY Money Talk 1360 (August 2010)

Only 2 Degrees Internet Talk Radio (August 2010)

Southern California Life (May 2010)

NBC - KNSD TV News (November 2009)

Paul Cooley Radio Show (January 2009)

NBC - KNSD TV News (December 2008)

KATY Leadership Award (November 2008)

>Only 2 Degrees Internet Talk Radio (March 2008)

KATY 101.3 FM (February 2008)

WCBS Newsradio (February 2008)

NBC's 1 vs. 100 (February 2007)


TEDxYouth Day - San Diego (November 2011)

SpeakerSite (July 2011)

Presentation at Grace Presbyterian (March 2011)

California School for the Deaf (November 2010)

TEDxRedmond Talk (September 2010)

Interview w/Bob Sprankle at TEDxRedmond (Sept 2010)

Interview w/Olivia at TEDxRedmond (Sept 2010)

Blazing Your Trail-USD Conference (August 2010)

California Home School Network Expo Presentation (August 2010)

Southern California Life (May 2010)

Champions Against Bullying Charity Concert (March 2010)

Pencil Bugs Pay Off for Hospital Kids (September 2009)

Interview w/Katie Gilbert  (June 2009)

Interview w/Carrie Wilkerson -a.k.a. Barefoot Exec (June 2009)

Interview w/Giovanna Garcia (March 2009)

KATY 101.3-FM Interview (February 2009)

KNSD-TV (NBC) Interview (December 2008)



Pencil Bugs in the Media . . .

"Made by a kid but not just for kids!"

Take a quick glance at some of the media logos or click a specific link below to read the story, watch the video, or listen to the interview.


My Name My Story (February 2013)

Doers (July 2012)

Mom It Forward (December 2011)

Radical Parenting (July 2011)

Kidpreneurs (July 2011)

Young Entrepreneur (June 2011)

365 Give (June 2011)

Not Your Parents' Life (March 2011)

PBS Nightly Business Report (February 2011)

Hometown Hero (December 2010)

Reader's Favorite - Book Review (November 2010)

Kid Scoop (November 2010)

Inspire Me Today (October 2010)

Kids Are Heroes (October 2010)

Tootlee Kids (October 2010)

Independent Youth (October 2010)

World 4 Children (October 2010)

Faith and Family Reviews (September 2010)

Shoestring Venture (September 2010)

Forbes (April 2010) -Slide Show-

Get Your Biz Savvy (March 2010)

Start at 10 (March 2010)

Social Media Soiree "Fountain of Youth" (January 2010)

Raising CEO Kids (December 2009)

Los Angeles Examiner (December 2009)

NBC San Diego (November 2009)

MSNBC (November 2009)

MomeO Magazine (November 2009) -PDF format-

Clinton Skakun (October 2009)

Social Media Soiree "Procrastination" (September 2009)

Ben Lang-Entrepreneur  (August 2009)

Your Hidden Potential (August 2009)

Finding Benjamin  (August 2009)

Intuit  (June 2009)

Sunshine Coaching  (May 2009)

Forbes  (April 2009)

The Soul Salon  (April 2009)

Active Rain  (April 2009)

Wayne Liew  (March 2009)

My First Paycheck  (March 2009)

Craig Garcia - Business Training  (March 2009)

MSN  (February 2009)

Young Money  (January 2009)

Small Biz Bee  (January 2009)

Raising Entrepreneurs  (November 2008)

Inspire Me Today  (November 2008)

Forbes Top 10 List  (January 2008)

Cornell University's e-Clips  (August 2008)

Only Good New Report  (December 2007)

Teaching Kids Business  (June 2007)

ABC News Nightline  (May 2007)



Miracle Maker's Award (December 2011)

Discus Award (May 2011)

Teen of the Month from Dekoposh (January 2009)

KATY Leadership Award (November 2008)

Kohl's Kids Who Care College Scholarship  (July 2008)

Young Entrepreneur of the Year (June 2007)

Young Philanthropist (September 2006)

BOOKS - Pencil Bugs/Jason O'Neill's story included

Young Entrepreneur World - Sabirul Islam

The Parents' Guide to Raising CEO Kids - Dr. Jerry Cook &
Sarah L. Cook

The Barefoot Executive - Carrie Wilkerson

Way to Go! - Harriet Coddington (A foreign language workbook)

99 Things Teens Wish They Knew Before Turning 16 - Zach Veach w/Lindsey Gobel

Entrepreneurship: Ideas in Action  - Cynthia L. Green

Starting a Business: Have Fun and Make Money - Carla Mooney

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens - Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Kent Healy

The Richest Kids in America - Mark Victor Hansen

A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit: Vol II - Jeretta Horn Nord, Cindy Patterson Thompson

Lawn Boy - Gary Paulsen (Reprinted for use in German high schools to teach students English with additional reference material)


Pencil Bugs Are At It Again (October 2011)

The Bears Are Back in Town (August 2010)

O'Neill Becomes First-Time Author (June 2010)

Pencil Bugs, Bears, and Kids - Oh My! (January 2010)

Pencil Bugs to donate bears to children's hospital  (August 2009)

Pencil Bugs launches greeting card line  (March 2009)

Grand Opening of Cafe Press-Pencil Bugs Store  (October 2008)

Pencil Bugs - Fundraisers  (October 2008) Top 10 List  (February 2008)

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award  (July 2007)

Kids Go Buggy Over Pencil Bugs  (May 2007)

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