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My business went very well during the the first quarter of 2009.  We did our usual Target shopping spree to buy toys, games, books, and a lot of other things to deliver to the kids at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, CA. 

It's always fun to look at all the different toys in the store trying to decide what to buy.  Sometimes we ask the hospital coordinator what they're really in need of so we try to buy those items.  Plus I like picking out things that I would like if I were in the hospital.

This time, we were given a tour of some of the non-patient areas of the hospital.  Since I'm only 13, I'm still too young to be in patient areas.  The coordinator showed us some very interesting things, especially their cow.  Did I say cow?  Yes, I did.  When the coordinator said she was going to show us their cow first, I wondered why they had a cow at a hospital.  It turned out to be a very colorful statue which stood in the courtyard. It was designed by artist Eduardo Parra and painted by some of the patients.  It was spectacular because of the vibrant use of colors.  It was on display for La Jolla’s Cow Parade which runs from March 15 to June 15.  On one side, it was painted in yellows representing day and on the other, in blues for night.

The tour continued inside through the lobby and we saw all of their remodeling efforts.   As we walked through the emergency room waiting area, it was empty.  I guess that was a good thing at least for the moment.  She said they typically get busy after school is out.  On the other side of the reception area was a hallway lined with hand painted tiles by sponsors.   They are doing a lot of construction which will mean they can care for more kids when everything is done.

The day was really fun and since we had just gotten a new digital camera, I used it to take lots of pictures of random stuff.   Here are some of the pictures.



Some of the toys & games we bought

Design of new facility

"Even the smallest effort can make a huge difference in someone's life."

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