"Made by a kid but not just for kids!"

Deciding what to buy kids in the hospital is always fun but sometimes a little challenging.  Rady Children's Hospital has so many kids in the hospital on any given week, it's hard to know what gifts will be just right for the kids. 

For the second quarter of 2009, I decided to buy individual games that kids could keep and take home with them if they wanted.  As Mom and I shopped in the stores, I decided games like Dominoes, Jenga, Mancala, and assorted card games were a good choice.  They are always reasonably priced and come in cool tin containers or sturdy wooden boxes so it's easier to keep all the pieces safe and not lose them as easily.  While shopping this time, I also found some fun, little motorized trucks so I bought several of those too.  I figured that there would be at least a few kids, probably boys, who would think they were cool.

Along with the games and toys that I bought, many kids would receive their very own Pencil Bug.

With our schedule, I wasn't able to deliver these personally this time but since my Dad drives to San Diego frequently for business, I put him on the mission of delivering the goodies to the hospital for me.

Just as each quarter is over, I'm already thinking ahead to the next one wondering what I should buy.  I am planning a big donation for Christmas this year and will be asking for a little extra help from any individual or company that wants to support my efforts to help the kids.  

Some of the toys & games we bought

"Every little bit helps."

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