Thinking ahead to Christmas 2008, I wanted to make even more bags this time.  So in November, I put out a request on a blog for help.  Individuals and companies were so generous with various products that I was able to put together 50 gift bags for the kids.  With their help, many kids received gift bags and we were able to buy lots of larger toys and board games that they can use in the community playroom.

Below are the generous people who helped with my project.

Joan Burge Office Dynamics
15-year-old singer/songwriter Jessica Prouty
Judson Laipply The Evolution of Dance
Steven Kaye Creation by Design/My Bible Cards
Julie Austin Swiggies
Julie Wilson Qwizzy's World
Janice VanCleave ( Science Projects for Kids )
Erin Coss & Katie Kinsella k2e Books, Inc.
Michelle & Jeffrey Spelman Quick Count Football
David Emmons & Family ( Go Green Foot & Vermont Nature Creations )
Tim Glass ( Sleepytown Beagles )
Dana Lardner ( Whimsical Walney )
Teresa de Grosbois ( Small Shifts )
Adrienne Lenhoff ( Shazaaam !)

My dad's car wasn't big enough to hold all the bags of toys and games so he rented a van for the day.
 While I was in school for a couple of hours that day, Mom and Dad packed everything up.

The hospital was so appreciative of what I was doing that the coordinator, Shelley Borree, presented me with a certificate.  I guess I blinked at the wrong time.  Oops!

A special thanks to Enterprise Rent-a-car for giving us a discount on a van since we had too many bags of toys to fit into my dad's car.  Everything barely fit even in this.

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