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What kid doesn't like a teddy bear?  Cute, cuddly stuffed animals are fun for kids of all ages and when you're feeling sad or down, sometimes just giving a big "bear" hug to your favorite stuffed animal makes you feel better somehow.

I have been donating part of my sales to help kids since I started my business.  When I chose Rady Children's Hospital, I didn't realize how many kids end up in the hospital for one reason or another.  I'm pretty lucky and the only time I was in a hospital was for a CAT scan for a possible concussion.  It was a silly accident that happened while a bunch of us were playing tag at recess.  While the other kids dodged a tree, I looked the other way and ran smack dab into it with my forehead.  Luckily, the concussion wasn't bad.  They called it a Grade One concussion which was ironic since I was in first grade at the time.  But other than that, I have always been healthy so I can only imagine what it must be like to be stuck in the hospital, especially during the holidays.

The current facility at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, CA holds approximately 250 beds and on most weeks those beds are full to capacity, treating kids with everything from broken bones to serious life-threatening illnesses.

This year for Christmas my goal was to deliver 250 teddy bears to kids at Rady.  With the help of many generous people and adding in my own money, I raised $5130 which bought 1800 bears!  A truck was generously donated for the delivery.  See details below.

With any donation amount up to $25:

100% of all donations bought bears.  I paid any extra costs like shipping, etc.  Donations are closed for this year.  Thank you to all who donated.

We put together a short video to show the day we tied donation tags on 1000 bears.  With the help of my parents, it was a really fun time!

  • Your name or company name will be posted on this page as a Rady Bear Supporter
  • If you are on Twitter, tweet me your username so I can tweet about your generosity and support

With a donation amount of $25 or more:

  • A special bear will wear a name tag with your name or company name as a Rady Bear Sponsor
  • Your name or company name will also be posted on this page as a Rady Bear Sponsor
  • If you have a website, you will also have a link on this page
  • If you are on Twitter, tweet me your username so I can tweet about your generosity and support

The first 100 bears sorted, tagged & counted.  Just 1700 to go before Dec. 18.  

Sponsor a Rady Bear for Christmas 2009

Disclaimer: Pencil Bugs Plus reserves the right not to post inappropriate company names/links that are clearly not suitable for kids.  Thank you for understanding.


NOTE: On the PayPal donation page, please enter your name or company name you would like on your bear's name tag.  Also enter your website address.


Mike Cohen - MC Development
Jill Freeman - ROAR
Paul & Betty Smokov - Smokov Ranch
Jeretta Horn Nord - Entrepreneur Enterprises, LLC 
Lois Dickson
Steven Kaye -Creation by Design
Mike Parker
Sandra Muncaster - Families Matter
More 4 Kids, Inc. - More 4 Kids 
John Martel - Buy and Sell Domains
Aaron Foster - Business Owners Online
Brenda Fiorini - Brenda Fiorini
Kurt Swann
Adrienne Yu, Sarah Matthews, & Maggie Pyett - 8th grade students at Detroit Country Day School
Denise Sosa
Jean Walden, Brenden Walden, & Cameren Walden
Junior Achievement - LA
Bill Smith & Giselle Lalonde
Connor Moore
Patty Duffy
Gerald Taylor
Rebecca S. Allan & Associates
David & Nikki Lobb
Dale Freeman
George & Stephanie George
Cory Goodman
Trudy Baumeister - Trudy Baumeister.Scentsy
Stephen Anderson - 5th grader
Melissa Hamel
Ruba Afifi
Susan Beauregard - In honor of Guy Michael Beauregard, Jr.
John Baehr
Tim Hsieh
Seth Abraham
Richard Johnson - Fleet West
Adam Klein - Exclusive Charter Service
Lori & Jerry Borchers
Laurie Bergheim
Matt Perkins - That's the Solution Web Design
Crystal Malarsky - Pretty Wonderland
Palmer Bleichner
Jackson Stone & Patio
Julie Globus - 2Y4 Consulting
Sabharwal, Globus & Lim LLP
Matthew Ihnen
The Putland Family
Roberta Eastwood
Shirley Myers
Sunbaked Software, Inc.
Jaclyn Benack
Elena Jarrett
Travis Salzman
Bill Hulbert
Dennis Matsumoto
Diane Denny
Ryan Munn - R. Munn Farms
Geraldine Villani
Robert Brocker
Linda, Mike, & Christopher Hatch
Dustin Corona & Craig Smith - Highland Heights Dental
Jane Dowd
Andrei Matetic
Felicie Anderson-Wilson
Traci Metzger
Kimmie, Shawn & Teapot
Rosalinda O'Neill - CEO Life Mentor
Ashley Belmarez & Lee Woosypiti
Michael Murphy & Randy Zimmer
Loralie Lentz
Audrey Miller - In memory of Andrew
Margaret Larrea
Dorothy A. Murrow - Gulf Waters RV Resort
The Doss Family
Lauren Lohe
Joni Curry
Three soldiers with 2nd Battalion 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) - names withheld upon request
Charlie & Eithne O'Neill
Kenneth Morgan - Yokosuka Lodge #2 Free and Accepted Masons

Eric & Connie Nikiforoff
Logan Cooke
Edward Galeano
Mark Beallo
Stephanie Chiu
Shannon Canessa
Natalia Zelazny
Laura Upchurch
Ron Eubanks
Alex Soriano
Ann Ranlett
Gary Wert
Brian Stallman
Dee Rogers


Special thanks to:

Lisa Vinton and Darcy Jones of Only2Degrees in Temecula, CA.  With just one tweet to them, they made a few phone calls and within a day, we had several offers for trucks to deliver the bears.

Rachel Mason of Hemet Hospice in Hemet, CA who generously donated the use of their truck.

By special delivery:

One dozen stuffed animals generously donated by Build-A-Bear Workshop


"Every kind act is charity."

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