I believe that people, especially kids, should try as many things as possible while we still have free time but with fewer financial responsibilities.

I have had my business since fourth grade (2005) so now I'm going to spend the next three years focusing on high school, enjoying theatre as a performer and also backup tech crew. I'm looking ahead to my options after high school and possibly getting a computer science degree with a focus on video game design.

As far as other entrepreneurial ventures, you just never know. I've always said it's good to be open to any and all opportunities and not get too stuck on one goal because you might miss things along the way that were better than you planned. In my last two years of high school, I taught myself Java programming and started creating video games for PC. Feel free to visit my website at the Creative Tech Guy and try some of my games.

One thing's for sure. I will definitely take my own advice that I've given other people a million times over the past six years and that is to "try your ideas." Because of the experiences I've had and all of the things I've learned, I'm sure I'll have lots of ideas in the future. I started college in 2014 and will be getting a Computer Science degree. After that, who knows ?

"Made by a kid but not just for kids!"

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